Ecuador Tourist Destination For Spectacular Holiday Trip

Ecuador is a South American country lying on the Equator, with a Pacific Ocean coastline. It is also the home to Cotopaxi which is the world’s highest active volcano. Ecuador has a wide range of different ecosystems and microclimates within a relatively small area making Ecuador tourist destination ideal for nature lovers.

The Galapagos Islands is considered as the most popular tourist attractions in Ecuador. In order to reach there you have to book a cruise in advance. The island consists of wildlife such as waved albatross, giant tortoise, flightless cormorants, marine iguanas and many more. Many tour and cruise operators promote Ecuador tourist destination.

Cotopaxi Volcano National Park is located 90 minutes away from Quito. Many tours are organized, such as the naturist day tour which is like any other tour along the natural scenery or you can take mountain climbing tour which may last about two or three days. Those who like mountain climbing and hiking should make Ecuador tourist destination.

Amazon Jungle Rainforest is large enough to contain four major regions. Here you can take a tour and view different animals lodges and a trip to the local wildlife center. If you want to know about the lifestyle of Ecuador during the colonial period then you can visit the historic sector of Quito. From the plazas, palaces, and even the churches, you will surely get the feel of the colonial life back then. The cost of tour is about USD 20, which is quite cheap for a comprehensive tour of the city. You can also visit Bellavista Cloudfest, here you will find 150 species of hummingbirds. There are also numbers of Spanish estates in Ecuador known as haciendas. These are basically elegant homes that are usually located within a vast farm or ranch.

If you like shopping then you can check out the indigenous arts market in Otavalo. This place is located about 90 minutes away from Quito. The artisan market has been described more than once as a shopper’s paradise. If you like to visit when it is less crowded then you should avoid going there on Wednesday or Saturday. Saquisili Indigenous Market is a great place to shop for souvenirs. Here you will find novelty gift items and variety of fruits. This market is open on Thursdays only.

The cuisine of Ecuador is known for its variety of potatoes, spicy heat of aji pepper and soft crackle of roasting guinea pig. Popular dishes are ceviche, lorco (potato soup) and humitas, Incan-style tarnales. Chicha is a traditional libation found throughout Andean countries, made from fermented maizeScience Articles, rice or yucca. Good wine from Chile and Argentina is also available. The cuisine of Ecuador is exotic in its own kind which has made Ecuador tourist destination for food lovers.